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Some things are better together! Save $5-$10 with our Life on the Ladder bundle. In this bundle you get

  • 1 set of Life on the Ladder cards w/ instruction manual and zip pouch
  • 1 set of Nervous System Clues Laminated Prints w/ instructions on how to use them

We make tools we use in our trauma informed practice. We often use these tools together to help people of all ages understand how the autonomic nervous system impacts our thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and can alter how we communicate with each other.  Using these tools helps us to:

  • understand the impact of trauma on the individual
  • improve connection and attunement to self and others
  • practice reading and understanding body language
  • open up discussion about personal experiences
  • practice guaging nervous system reactions, along with how to influence or change them
  • deepen understanding and communication between people and or/animals
  • understand and identify fight, flight, freeze, and fawn in a non-threatening way
  • customize and create therapy and coaching sessions to fit each individual client

Check out these videos on using these products

Life on the Ladder Cards

Nervous System Clues

Life on the Ladder Bundle

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