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An "Activity" Book for EAP/L Professionals

Discover an EAP/L "activity" book that is focused less on the activities and more on how to engage your clients in the exploration of themselves, their equine partners, their relationships, their nervous systems, beliefs, thoughts, patterns, and so much more. Perfect for woking with individuals, families, and groups!

This book includes:

  • 26 Invitations for Exploration to facilitate with your clients and equine partners

  • An index to direct you to the explorations that will help you meet your treatment goals, your client's therapeutic or learning needs, and your client's age or developmental age.

  • Bonus materials to help you orient new clients and set up intake interviews with a focus on establishing a sense of felt safety for clients and building good rapport from the beginning.

  • Bonus material to help you manage client fears that manifest as resistance, defiance, hesitation, and shut-down.

  • Bonus material discussing safety and group work.... See more on

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