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New Arrival: Rhythm of Life Activity Cards

Rhythm plays a crucial role in human development and mental health. This deck includes over 70 activities that you can use to incorporate rhythm into your therapy, coaching, or learning sessions. Most of the activities can be done with or without horses. They are perfect for:

  • rainy days or bad weather days

  • clients who have trouble expressing themselves with words

  • helping people connect to their bodies in a fun way

  • expressing or soothing overwhelming emotions

  • processing trauma without words

  • learning how to manage body energy and emotional energy

  • connecting the mind and body

  • practicing co-regulation

  • creating a curriculum for a group or retreat

  • much, much more!


Also included with this deck is a small manual with examples of how to incorporate the activities into your treatment plan. 

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn more about how to use the Rhythm of Life Activity Cards in your practice. 

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