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The Barriers that Hold us Back

You know deep in your bones how powerful and transformative your equine assisted services can be. You have experienced it yourself and you’ve helped others experience it through your services. Yet, when it comes to a plan for delivering these life-changing services, overwhelm, freeze, and chaos can take over, keeping you and your business small and ineffective.

You and your program are greatly needed! Let's break through the noise together. 


Do you get stuck when it comes to:

  • customizing an experience for a group?

  • developing a curriculum or service plan around a particular topic or subject?

  • identifying a need in your community and turning it into an exceptional service plan?

  • coming up with activities that will provide the outcomes you and your client desire?

  • organizing a group experience when you’re only familiar with crafting individual treatment plans?

We have been there.

In our 17 years of equine assisted services practice, we have experienced it again and again. Someone shows interest in your service and says the words we all long to hear.


“I have a group of ( your dream demographic) who need help with (your area of competency). Would we be able to set something up for them with you and your horses? I think it would be perfect for helping them with (their desired outcome).”


You eagerly agree and you’re filled with excitement and anticipation until…..

It comes time to make a plan or curriculum for the group.


You have so many ideas, but they don’t seem to work together towards anything concrete. It’s all a jumble and you can’t figure out how anything fits to deliver what the client is seeking.


You are frozen and can’t get started. All creativity has left the room and you begin believing you’re not qualified to do this in the first place.

It can leave you feeling alone, incompetent, worried, and like an imposter.


We are here with you! We know how valuable it can be to have someone guide you through the process of creating the kind of group experience YOU want to deliver to YOUR client. 


You need someone to:

  • give you some steps on how to get started

  • point you towards possibilities and a way out of the chaos or blankness

  • ask you the right questions to unlock your ability to know exactly what to do

  • give you a structure you can return to again and again to guide your process

  • help you focus on your unique abilities, competency, and scope

  • alleviate the overwhelm you feel

  • be compassionate, patient, understanding, and empathetic towards you as your work your way through this challenge


We are passionate about helping other equine assisted service practitioners overcome the barriers to delivering their services.  We have done it for dozens of others and we want to do it for you too! We also want to invite others to join in and witness the process for their own learning, practice, and understanding.

Busting Through the EAS Planning Barrier

This virtual group will consist of:


We will work with one person or organization that needs help developing an equine assisted service (psychotherapy, coaching, learning, etc.) curriculum, course, workshop, seminar or class. 

Auditors are invited to witness the process and learn from the sidelines for application in their own programs

Normally, A private 2- hour consultation to guide you through this process and help you create your custom equine assisted service plan would cost $300-$500.


For this event, we are dropping the client price to $200.

We want to increase accessibility while still being fairly compensated for our time and expertise. (These lessons cost us a lot to learn!) We want to further increase accessibility and community by opening it up to auditors, which will help offset the costs for the client. So it is only fair we pass those savings on to the one(s) taking on the vulnerability of others watching their process.


If you’re interested in being the client and want us to walk you through a process to creating a service plan you can confidently and competently deliver get your ticket here. Only One Client Ticket is available, so don't wait!


If you want to be an auditor and learn by watching someone else go through the process and be able to apply it to your own work, buy an auditor ticket here. Auditor spots are limited.

Do you need this kind of help in a more PRIVATE space?

Are you interested in getting planning help for your equine assisted service, but you don't want the pressure and attention of others watching you go through the process? 

We completely understand. Private consultations can be scheduled with us at any time. Fill out this contact form and we will get back to you to schedule your own private Busting Through the EAS Planning Barrier session. Or contact us directly:


Still have questions? Contact us.

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