2 Day Immersion Program

Flatten the learning curve and amplify your ability to incorporate Natural Lifemanship (NL) principles Trauma Focused-Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (TF-EAP) and Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Learning (TI-EAL) into your therapy or coaching. Gain a deeper understanding of how you can apply NL live in sessions, with horses, with clients, and within your business.  This 2-day immersion program is for mental health and equine professionals who have attended NL and are committed to incorporating it into their practice.

The 2-Day Immersion Program is available for a short time for ONLY $600.

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We are currently scheduling only ONE 2-Day Immersion per month.

  • Observe 2 *full days of therapy and/or coaching sessions with some of the most experienced people in the field using the NL model

  • Learn effective co-facilitation methods, including being a part of the team processing of sessions

  • Focused discussion with facilitators regarding implementation of TF-EAP principles in session

  • Learn about assessments Pecan Creek Ranch (PCR) uses and how to integrate them into treatment

  • Guidance on assessments, documentation, paperwork, and ethics that follow the NL principles and insurance standards

  • Explore ethical implications and associated work dilemmas within Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) service settings

  • Observe the integration of NL into the fabric of the business

  • Learn how to take care of your horses’ welfare with NL principles before, throughout, and after sessions

  • Hands-on experience in making connection the focus of every interaction with your horses from feeding and grooming to releasing after session

  • One free round pen consultation per day


Space is Limited

You've attended the Natural Lifemanship trainings, you've fallen in love with the model, and you know this is the path for you, your horses, and your clients.

Applying NL in sessions, in your relationships with your horses, with clients, within your business, and just about everywhere else can be overwhelming and confusing. We know because we've been where you are now.

"When I was first learning how to use these principles in my work with at-risk youth, I remember experiencing a flood of ideas, emotions, and new connections between what I already knew, what I experienced and how this new learning could help my clients.


Specific scenarios and client struggles were coming to mind and I knew if I could figure out how to apply what I was learning to their specific situations, we could 10x their progress in therapy and leave them with tools, beliefs and understanding about themselves and the world that would impact them throughout their lives.

It wasn't until I had the opportunity to observe real client sessions that I was able to fully understand how to use NL principles to get the results I knew this model could produce for my clients.. From the very first moment when the client arrived (and sometimes before) to each little interaction with the horses, with the team, and with me, I got to watch the principles unfold.


I couldn't believe how quickly the things I had been struggling with started to finally make sense. All of the pieces were falling into place and I had a level of understanding, clarity, and confidence that I didn't think I would ever get." Reccia Jobe NL Trainer, NL-P,EP, Owner Pecan Creek Ranch

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