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Individual Therapy Services

We provide psychotherapy for children and adults age 3 and up. Our individual therapy services use the Natural Lifemanship™ model of Trauma-Informed Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. This means clients will work to build a healthy relationship with a horse as the avenue for healing, change, and completion of treatment goals. 

We use a client-centered approach, which means we use our extensive training and experience to customize your treatment to meet your unique challenges and needs. We incorporate many different techniques and models of therapy to create a custom combination of tools, ideas, support, and guidance that continue to grow and change as the client does. 

In individual therapy, you will work with a therapy team including a licensed mental health counselor, a certified equine professional, and at least one horse. You get to choose your horse from our herd of 9 horses. The majority of sessions are conducted outdoors with the horses, though some are done in the office without the horses.  Learn more about the model of therapy we use or Contact us to schedule a phone consultation to find out if our services are right for you and your family. 

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