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Group Experiences

We offer a wide range of group services including:

  • group therapy

  • mental health and wellness education

  • meditation/mindfulness and stress relief

  • conflict resolution

  • team building experiences

  • adult and children's mental health groups

  • parenting support groups

  • building healthy relationship groups

  • and much more.


We tailor the experience based upon your group's needs and wants. 

Here are just a few examples of different group experiences we have facilitated.

1. Mindfulness and horse grooming group for Girl Scouts

2. Team-building and trauma-informed relationship training for teachers

3. Team-building and conflict resolution for small business team

4. Women's group exploring connection and rhythm in relationship

5. Restoration and relaxation group for school counselors

6. Demonstrations for a variety of mental health practitioners

7. Youth leardership development groups

8. Relationship-focused learning and development for managers

9. Youth therapy groups


Find out how we can serve your group or team

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