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Learning and Coaching Services

Personal developmenthorsemanship, workshops & seminars, 

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Trauma-Informed Learning/Coaching

Not everyone who needs help needs therapy. Sometimes you just need help through a transition, honing a skill, character trait, ability, or strength. Sometimes you just need input and guidance from someone who can see you beyond who you are now. Our trauma- informed approach provides a depth of learning and experience that encompasses your entire being.  Contact us to find out how our horses and skilled professionals can help you learn and grow in a new way. 

Group Workshops & Seminars

Would you like to create a trauma-informed workplace? Maybe you just want a fun and meaningful experience for your group, family, or team. We are experienced and skilled in facilitating group experiences with horses that include trauma-informed team-building, social skills and emotional learning groups, conflict resolution, leadership experiences, and much more. We can facilitate groups for kids and adults. 

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