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Save some time and money and let us print and laminate The Co-regulation Scale Client Report for you. The laminated version is great for use everyday with a dry erase marker for clients to mark their evaluation. Simply wipe it down and use it again for the next one!


The Co-regulation Scale Client Report is an invaluable tool for therapists, teachers, and parents that can help identify and assess the ability of their clients, students, or children to co-regulate with others.


We use this before every equine assisted psychotherapy and learning session, giving us an idea of where our clients are starting from and what they may need that day. 


It examines the individual's ability to regulate their nervous system and/or receive active co-regulation from others,  providing insight into how the client interacts with the world around them and what kind of co-regulation we need to offer at that time. 


Incorporate it into your notes to help you track changes for your client.


This report is updated to reflect the latest research, understanding that self-regulation cannot exist without co-regulation, and that lack of regulation can impede our ability to make good choices. It also recognizes that we cannot accept help from others without first being co-regulated and that co-regulation is an embodied experience, not a behavior.

Laminated Co-Regulation Scale Client Report

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