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What does it look like when someone is in hyperarousal or fight or flight vs when they are in hypoarousal or shutdown? What are some ways I can help someone else calm down when they are in fight or flight?

What are some ways I can help my nervous system when I feel depressed or shut down?


These are questions we, as mental health and wellness practitioners get asked all the time. These are things we need to know, parents and caregivers need to know, educators need to know, and individuals need to know to improve relationships with themselves and others. 


But in the moment, it can be difficult to come up with answers, to be creative, or to come up with multiple possible solutions to try. 


That is why we created these. These are to help remind us and those who come to us for help about how to:

  • identify where someone else might be in their nervous system
  • identify where I might be in my nervous system
  • help calm my own nervous system
  • help calm another's nervous system


This is a PDF download.

Nervous System Clues Printable Handouts

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