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Do you need a shortcut to creating all of that extensive client paperwork? Do you want it to be specific to equine assisted services?

We got you covered.


Download the major files you will need to include in your physical client paperwork and/or electronic medical record to get you started in providing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. Created by EAP licensed mental health professionals (with over 25 years experience providing services) for use in equine assisted and facilitated mental health services. 


Customize these files to print out to give to your clients and keep in physical records, or copy and paste into your electronic medical/health record. Files are included for both to make it convenient for you to edit to fit your unique practice. 


This download includes:

  • Adult and Minor Informed Consent Forms including Consent to Treatment, Consent to Telehealth, Consent to Observe (for clinical rotations, internships, etc.)
  • Good Faith Estimates/ No Surprises Paperwork
  • Client Handbooks ready to insert specific information about your practice, policies, qualifications, photos of equine partners, rights and responsibilities, and more. Give these to your clients to keep so they always have the information they need about you and your practice on hand. 
  • Treatment plan templates with prompts
  • Adult, minor, and family intake questionnaires.
  • Adult, minor, and 0-5yr biopsychosocial forms PLUS guidance and ideas on how to obtain this information.
  • Robust Equine Assisted Psychotherapy progress notes with separate Equine Assisted EMDR progress notes
  • Risk Assessments
  • Adult and minor release of information consent forms
  • Demographics and Phone Intake form
  • Credit Card and Preferred Communication forms
  • Equine Liability Waivers
  • Adult and minor privacy policy
  • Adult, youth, and caregiver rights and responsibilities
  • Attendance note for schools or other institutions

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Client Essentials Paperwork- Electronic & Physical

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