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Fall Recovery for Riders

Fall trauma happens in the context of a relationship, and is healed in the context of relationships. In Fall Recovery we guide you toward a reparative relational experience in:

  1. Your relationship with yourself and your body


    Your relationship with riding

  3. Your horse's relationship to carrying a rider, and specifically, you

  4. Your relationship with horses and specifically, your horse

  5. Your relationship to anyone or anything else that may have been involved (trainers, riding companions, competitors, etc.)

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Who Can Benefit From A Fall Recovery?

Anyone who has fallen off of or been thrown from a horse recently or in the past and:

  • has stopped progressing in their riding

  • feels fear around the barn, competitions, or anything else related to horses and riding

  • can't seem to find a horse they feel safe with

  • has lost their ability to bond with horses like they used to

  • no longer feels the freedom and magic of horseback riding

  • can't get back on the horse they fell from, or on any horse

  • may be experiencing unexplained pain, imbalance, disorientation or intense emotions, even if not around horses or the barn

  • can't seem to find a trainer they feel safe with

  • can't find the right tack, boots, or equipment to feel comfortable and safe while riding

  • feels intense anger or sadness towards horses for even the slightest mistake or misstep

  • is overly concerned about riding conditions like footing, noise, the presence of other riders and horses, weather, crowds, etc.

  • has experienced a regression in their horse's training and abilities

  • has experienced a regression in their own training and abilities

  • have lost flexibility in any part of the body

  • experiences anxiety before, during, or after riding

  • feels intense exhaustion or fatigue after riding

  • feels numbness or lack of sensation in parts of the body while riding

  • has lost a "feel" for the horse underneath them

  • tends to find endless reasons or excuses not to ride or go to the barn or events

  • no longer enjoys the challenges that come with progressing in your specific riding discipline

  • experiences sweaty palms, nausea, difficulty breathing, tightness in the throat, dizziness or other physical symptoms when thinking about riding in a similar situation as when the fall occurred

  • can't keep your eyes off of the ground when riding

How does Fall Recovery work?


Through Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (TI-EAP), your two facilitators, Debbie Blackmon, MA, LPA-IP and Reccia Jobe will support and guide you through a customized experience that will address:

  • the areas of your own body and nervous system that need attention, balance, and repair 

  • bracing and tension patterns that are interfering with your riding

  • any changes to your confidence and perceived competence in riding 

  • the impact of the fall on your equine partner 

  • any changes to your equine's confidence and competence in carrying a rider

  • damage to the trust and bond you have with your equine partner

  • any other harm or disruption to other relationships related to the fall


Logistics and Pricing


You have the option of experiencing your Fall Recovery in one of 3 ways. ​


This a great option for anyone who is able and willing to travel to meet us at Pecan Creek Ranch and work with us and our horses. Your horse stays home, and we practice the horse piece with one of our specially trained horses who are experienced in helping people recover from events that impact their system the way a fall does.



  • A 1 hour in- person assessment. This assessment helps us to understand you and  what you have experienced so we can map out the plan for your Fall Recovery.

  • 5 hours of applying the Fall Recovery protocols, engaging with horses to address the equine-human relationship piece, and developing a plan to implement with your horse so your relationship and your horse can also recover from the fall.

  • 2 Follow-up  1 hour virtual consultations to tie up any loose ends and/or to guide and support the process of working with your horse and implementing the rest of your Fall Recovery plan.




Claim one of the first three Join US spots andreceive a $500 discount!

Making your total $800

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Meet in the Middle

If you live close enough to Georgetown or Houston, TX and you want the experience at Pecan Creek Ranch with our herd + in person support and consultation with your own horse, this is the package for you. You must be close enough for us to be able to travel to your place, complete your consultations, and travel back home in one day. (approximately no more than 3 hrs away)



  • Everything that is included in the Join Us package 

  • A half-day (4 hrs) of follow-up consultation to work in person at your place with you and your horse on continuing your Fall Recovery together.



$1900 plus $30/hr travel time fee

At Home

If you prefer to do your complete Fall Recovery at your home or at your barn with your horse, we can travel to you. We can only travel to locations in the state of Texas.


  • Everything that is included in the Join Us package except we will travel to you 

  • The possibility for multiple days of work with you and your equine partner, trainer, or anyone else you need to be included as part of your recovery.



Base Price: $1,000 per day + $200 per travel day

Additional fees for lodging and travel will apply depending on your location and whether we will need to arrange flights and rental cars.

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Schedule Your Fall Recovery

Which Fall Recovery option are your interested in?
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