When I first began to struggle to get up, my body woke up at the usual time, but instead of throwing my feet out of bed, I rolled over and stayed in bed longer. Within a few weeks, I was staying in bed until the very last moment. I was convinced I was too tired to move...

I wanted his experience at our office to be a pleasant experience and not a frightening one. I decided to take him to feed some of our horses. Sometimes interacting with our horses helps children feel calmer and more safe at our office.

Perry considered Little Tigger a moment then started ignoring her by eating grass. "I want him to pay attention to me, " Little Tigger explained.

When we are trying to change deeply embedded behaviors, it is hard work. While we are doing the work, we can feel bad and be making great strides towards improving the behavior. Often people do not realize how much they have changed until someone reminds them of where...

September 12, 2018

This can be a scary idea when you feel like you don't have control over what your senses are exposed to. But there is a hopeful side to this as well. It means that your brain can change when you change the type of sensory input it receives. Sure, there is some of i...

When attempting to change patterns of relating with oneself and others, it is not enough to talk through issues. To make lasting change, a person must create new neural pathways in the brain. That is they must engage in doing new behaviors and having new experiences.

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