I wanted his experience at our office to be a pleasant experience and not a frightening one. I decided to take him to feed some of our horses. Sometimes interacting with our horses helps children feel calmer and more safe at our office.

Since equine professionals and mental health professionals must go through a process of accreditation to be TF-EAP providers, they speak the same therapeutic language. They both understand interpersonal neurobiology and how trauma impacts a person’s functioning.

Emotions are as important to humans as whiskers are on the nose of a horse or a cat. Well, that’s not too important you say since folks shave whiskers on cats and horses all the time. Yes, you are correct some folks shave the whiskers on their horses and cats so that t...

When we are trying to change deeply embedded behaviors, it is hard work. While we are doing the work, we can feel bad and be making great strides towards improving the behavior. Often people do not realize how much they have changed until someone reminds them of where...

September 20, 2018

I threw on saddles and cinched up girths without second thoughts. If my horse was cinchy, I put my knee in his belly. I tied down their heads when the way they carried it did not suit my purpose. I put bits in their mouths and often used too much pressure to accomplish...

August 25, 2018

However, building a healthy relationship with a horse can seem much less emotionally threatening, allowing the brain to explore and create new pathways for relating with self, others, and the world around you in a healthier way.

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